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Our Foundation

Panache started with a love of apples and a desire to make apple products healthy again. Similar to tomatoes, heirloom apples come from seeds that have been passed down for centuries, often through families in regions with a deep history of crafting artisanal practices to create qualities that stand out. As a result, heirloom apples come in a range of colors, shapes, flavors and nutritional permutations.

Unlike commercially grown varieties commonly sold in stores, heirloom apples are not hybridized in labs, genetically modified, or sterile. They naturally pollinate, and provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and antioxidants known to support a host of therapeutic benefits. Further, commercially grown apples are picked early to last through long-transit time, heirloom apples are picked at the peak of ripeness to highlight their amazing flavor profiles and enhance their nutritional value.

Heirloom plants also support of wide variety of environmental benefits. Unlike the limited number of commercially grown strains, there are thousands of heirloom apple varieties. The vast number of strains promotes biodiversity and enriches the earth. Further, as heirlooms are naturally pollinated by bees, birds and butterflies, rather than hybridized in a lab, they require significantly less water and chemical inputs to stay healthy.

Our Purpose

The increasing popularity of commercially mass-produced “table apples,” has led to a growing shortage of apple varietals around the world and the nutritional benefits that come with them. At Panache, we not only want to bring back apple varietals, we want to infuse them with new, unexpected, flavors and botanicals to improve your health and refresh your palate.

We are growing our business with an unwavering commitment to elevate our global community and the local cultures within it. Our agricultural products are sourced responsibly through sustainable farming practices that have been crafted for centuries with respect to the environment. We partner with world-class cider makers and local farmers to develop new blends of varietals that enhance nourishment while appealing to local tastes.

Moreover, we manufacture our products in ISO 9001 certified facilities based on the tenants of social responsibility, which include full educational and medical coverage. We provide employment via training in culinary skills, and have partnered with the Ateliers of Etran, a mission artisanal production unit for professionally challenged individuals. This partnership allows employees who are professionally challenged to choose work suitable to their level of competency and skill. Founded in 1998 to employ 15 individuals, we currently support more than 150 full-time employees.

Our Products

Our ciders and apple products come from present-day derivatives of natural heirlooms from Normandy, France, where apple farming and artisanal practices have passed down through generations preceding the 9th century. Our apple varietals are the grandchildren of these heirlooms, sourced in Minnesota, United States. We are working with cider makers in France, European farmers and local US farmers to blend different apple varietals to respond to American palates.

We are able to maintain our commitment to natural heirloom apples all-year round because different varieties ripen throughout the year and the botanicals found in heirloom apples extend their shelf-life. Our products provide a potent combination of natural vitamins, minerals and fiber because they are unfiltered, unprocessed, and do not contain preservatives or artificial flavors.

We take special care to infuse different botanicals into our apple products, rather than crush apples together or mix juices. Infusing botanicals is a less aggressive practice; the strains marry gently and naturally as appropriate, as if one is talking to the other. Our philosophy around this practice stems from the benefits of ayurveda medicine: when two properties mix over time, gently, as they see fit, you achieve better results.

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